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Field day east Java with Australian Farm

SoilFutures specialises in sustainable land management and building productive and drought resilient farming systems with a focus on pasture and new crop development

Together with our clients we work towards getting smart soil management underway and delivering results.

We assist land managers with troubleshooting and amelioration of land degradation by developing tools to increase soil fertility, carbon production and sequestration, resulting in a greatly improved soil water holding capacity across landscapes as well as individual paddocks. Sustainable land management increases agricultural productivity in the short term and in the long term, measurably more drought resilient and economically stable.

With clientele ranging from farmers, corporate businesses, Landcare, other community groups, universities and government organisations across Australia and overseas, SoilFutures has nurtured strong relationships with other soil and environmental specialists enabling us to develop expert solutions customised for the needs of each client in a broad range of projects.

Dr. Banks enjoys sharing his knowledge and has been conducting regular field days, workshops and successful educational field programs for land managers, community groups, students in the region and agricultural professionals from countries throughout Africa and Asia.  

Additional SoilFutures project areas include EM survey for large water storages and salinity management, developing effluent re-use and monitoring schemes for local councils and agricultural businesses, reviewing IES and providing independent scientific information for individuals and community groups, soil data interpretation, and troubleshooting.

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