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Principal Author Robert Banks

Banks, R., Wendling, L., Basford, K., Ringrose-Voase, A., & Banks, V. (2020). Beneficial

           soil profile differences associated with tropical grass pastures on sodic texture                      contrast soils in Northern New South Wales. Soil Research, 58(2), 207-218.

Banks, R. G. (2019). Rapid soil development in response to land use change: case studies            from the northern New South Wales slopes, plains and New England Tablelands.                (PhD), The University of Queensland, Brisbane.  

Banks, RG 2017. Topical Pastures make beneficial changes to poor soils.

           Grasslands Society Newsletter, 32:3.5 – 7

SoilFutures Consulting Pty Ltd (Banks, R.G.) 2014a. Great Artesian Basin

           Recharge Systems and Extent of Petroleum and Gas Leases. Revised Edition.

           A spatial analysis of Gas lease extent  and critical recharge zones of the GAB with              comments on potential risks. 2nd edition peer reviewed prior to publication. Client                The Artesian Bore Water Users Association, NSW.

SoilFutures Consulting Pty Ltd (Banks, R.G.) 2009. Reconnaissance Soil Landscapes of                the Hunter Councils Catchments.  Hunter Councils Incorporated, Maitland.

Banks, R.G. 2001. Soil Landscapes of the Tamworth 1:100 000 Sheet Map and Report,                  Department Land and Water Conservation, Sydney

Banks, R.G. 1998. Soil Landscapes of the Blackville 1:100 000 Sheet Map and Report,                  Department Land and Water Conservation, Sydney

Banks, R.G. 1997. “Sols Profunds i Rentats” (Soils of the world temperate zone) In: R.                    Poch et al. (eds) Encyclopedia Catalana - Vol 6 Selves Temperades - Biosphera                  Edition pp31 - 36. BARCELONA, SPAIN.

Banks, R.G. 1995. Soil Landscapes of the Curlewis 1:100 000 Sheet Map and Report,                   Department of Conservation and Land Management, Sydney

Secondary Author Robert Banks

Jin YZ, Huang, J., Banks, RG and Triatafilis, J. 2017. Scope to map soil landscape units at            the district level from remotely sensed gamma ray spectrometry and proximally                    sensed EM induction data.  Soil Use and Management.  4: 538 – 552.

Kalaitzis P, Banks V & Banks R 2000. Impacts of Declining Shallow Ground Water Tables              On the Health of Terrestrial Native Vegetation In The Gunnedah Area, NSW.                         LWWRDC Technical report for project No. NDW23.

A.J. Ringrose-Voase,        R.R. Young,     Z. Paydar,     N.I. Huth,    A.L. Bernardi,     H.P.               Cresswell,B.A. Keating,    J.F. Scott,    M. Stauffacher,    R.G. Banks,    J.F. Holland,                R.M. Johnston,T.W. Green,  L.J. Gregory,  I. Daniells,  R.  Farquharson, R.J.                          Drinkwater, S. Heidenreich, S.G. Donaldson & C.L. Alston 2000. Deep Drainage                  under Different Land Uses in the Liverpool Plains. NSW Agriculture Technical                      Bulletin, CSIRO Land and Water Technical Report.

Banks, R.G. & McKane, D 1999. Soil Carbon Storage Units of the NSW Interim Bioregions.          Series of maps and reports produced as a consultancy to the Australian                              Greenhouse, being incorporated into assessment of Australia wide soil carbon                    assessments. Australian Greenhouse Office, Canberra

Ringrose-Voase, A.J., Paydar, Z., Huth, N.I., Banks, R.G., Cresswell, H.P., Keating, B.A.,              Young, R.R., Bernardi, A.L., Holland, J.F. & Daniels, I. 1999. Modelling deep                        drainage of different land use systems. 2. Catchment wide application. In                              Proceedings of the International Congress on Modelling and Simulation,                               Hamilton, New Zealand, December 1999, Volume 1. (Eds L. Oxley and F.                             Scrimgeour) pp. 43-48. University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Townsend, F.N., Lang, J.C. & Banks, R.G. 1999. Dryland Salinity in the Liverpool Plains,              NSW. Soil Mapping and Interpretation of Landscape Processes. 6th National                       Conference and Workshop on the Productive Use and Rehabilitation of Saline Land.            Naracoorte, South Australia, 1 - 5 November 1999.  Poster presentation summary in            Conference Proceedings.


Keady, L.C. & Banks, R.G. 1998. Field Guide to Soils of the Western Barwon Region                   Floodplains. Department of Land and Water Conservation, SYDNEY.

Keady, L.C., Banks, R.G, & Beasley, R. 1998. Reconnaissance Soil Associations of the                Collarenebri, Dungalear, Gwabegar, Mogil Mogil and Walgett 1:100 000 Map Sheets.          Department of Land and Water Conservation, SYDNEY

Johnstone, R., Abbs, K., Banks, R., Donaldson, S & Greiner, R. 1995. Unique Mapping                Areas as the basis for Integrating Biophysical and Economic Modelling in the                        Liverpool Plains. MODSIM 95 Conference Proceedings

Riley, SJ, Banks, RG. 1996. The Role of phosphorous and heavy metals in the spread of             weeds in urban bushlands: an example from the Lane Cove Valley, NSW, Australia.             The Science of the Total Environment 182: 32 – 52

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