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Effluent Re-Use Planning

Waste water from households, from towns, cities, feedlots and abattoirs is a potentially valuable resource which can be used for irrigation of small gardens to parks and to large cropping systems. Re-use of sewer and industrial effluent is regulated by the NSW EPA and equivalent in Australia, and suitable soils must be used for this practice. 


Effluent re-use planning and monitoring for new individual on-site effluent re-use schemes, or for much larger agricultural NSW schemes has to be conducted by a Certified Practising Soil Scientist (CPSS) and is a specialty of SoilFutures Consulting. SoilFutures provides soil survey for soil suitability and nutrient loading and required area calculations, which meets EPA regulations for effluent re-use planning.  We also have considerable expertise and experience in monitoring and reporting required by the EPA for effluent re-use sites.

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