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EIS and Independent Scientific Reviews

SoilFutures can contribute to the soil and rehabilitation sections of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) for mining or special developments.  The soil section of an EIS identifies the qualities and limitations of soils and soil materials as they impact on a development. 


SoilFutures Consulting provides EIS reviews for developers, community members and organisations. We can summarise, explain and review the often complex information contained in an EIS in order to establish if all potential issues have been addressed.  SoilFutures Consulting can offer scientific review of EIS material, especially where it relates to soil, landscape and water issues, which may impact adversely on an interested party.

SoilFutures also offers independent scientific review of papers and scholarly works on soils.

In some cases, the soil and landscape section of an EIS may be the deciding layer of information in whether a development is allowed to progress. High quality soil information and innovative thinking is required in this process. So that all soil issues are considered in the right way that works within the process.

An EIS is often an incredibly complex document with thousands of pages of technical information which is very hard for an individual or interested group to interpret alone.  Omissions, mistakes or misleading information is often hidden in appendices, and there is often information missing.  Robert Banks has been reviewing and commenting on EIS for both government and private clients for almost 30 years.

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