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Test Result Trouble Shooting

There are situations in cropping and grazing systems where despite good agronomic advice, things go wrong and can’t be explained or supported by soil test results. SoilFutures offers second opinions on soil test results, based on extensive experience across Australia, as well as more specialised testing to troubleshoot these kinds of problems. 


Soils are really active and diverse systems of plants, water, biology and chemistry, and there are times when traditional soil testing which has been developed in the Northern Hemisphere does not fit the bill in Australia’s uniquely old and special soil environment. 


Many of Australia’s duplex soils are extremely old, and require complex tailored management in order to achieve prime production goals.  

Australia has the largest extent and variety of Vertosols (black soils) in the world, and testing developed in the US or Europe often will not reflect the specialised diversity of characteristics which these soils have in farming and grazing systems. 

Experts from SoilFutures Consulting specialise in troubleshooting problems within our unique soils.  

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