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Best Red Chromosol Ever

Red Chromosols – best one ever

Whilst working south of Dubbo last week, I was amazed at some of the soils in an almost semi arid zone of NSW. I was able to photograph one of the best examples of a Red Chromosol that I have ever seen. These soils are also known as Red-brown Earths. Although a texture contrast soil clay loam overlaying medium to heavy clays, this form of the Red Chromosol has enormous potential, particularly under pasture. It is deep, it holds soil moisture really well, it has an abundant store of lime in the subsoils, and the well-structured loamy topsoil makes an excellent seed bed. I had to bring it to show and tell on the website.

The Red Chromosol is so widespread in NSW that it is considered the State Soil of NSW. Red Chromosols can vary in quality from low to high based on climate and parent material. Generally speaking, they are some of the best soils in southern Australia, yet their performance declines as one heads north into northern NSW and southern QLD. A really perfect example of this soil is hard to find at any time so I am pleased to bring to you this photograph. I am happy to answer any questions that you might have about these soils.


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